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Message from Parents - Any, Mandy & John

Hi Folks,
Like yourselves, I am sure, we were pleased with the way the weather has been these last few days. It was nice to see a full squad turn out for training.To stand and watch the lads training with the commitment and enthusiasm that they all display makes us proud that our son/nephew is part of this great bunch of lads.After a great football match on Sunday all the lads had an extra spring in their step despite the ground being a bit heavy going.After their specialist training from the dynamic duo Andrew & Fin they were split for the final kick about of the session.As you stand and watch the lads its amazing to see how equal they all are and no matter how the squad is split (bibs/no bibs) they are all as good as each other. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone within the team for welcoming us all and making us all feel part of 'THE TEAM'.

Andy,Mandy & John

P.S keep up the good work Andrew & John